ACSESS and Working Together Coalition of Employers

ACSESS Ontario has joined forces with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce to form an employer coalition that will act as a unified "voice of employers" to respond to the provincial government's Changing Workplaces Review (CWR). The Working Together group will play a strong role in shaping those changes. Our respective organizations believe that employers and employer organizations need to do more to provide government with constructive recommendations to best reform the Employers Standards Act and to respond to the changing dynamics of the 21st century economy.

The overarching goal of the Working Together group will be to act as a single voice for the employer community to government and media. The coalition will also shape the public conversation on the CWR by articulating the employer perspective and will provide informed recommendations to government on behalf of businesses from all sectors.

Beginning in early April, the Working Together group will undertake the following activities:

  • The day of the Interim Report's release, we will launch a microsite for Working Together. The microsite will serve as both a hub of information, news coverage and other updates on the status of the effort; and will encourage visitors to get involved by (a) signing a petition; (b) sending an email of support to their MPP and the Minister; (c) showing their support by sharing content from the site on social media; and (d) sharing their stories with government.

  • Beginning the day of the Interim Report's release, we will purchase an ad-buy (for Facebook and Google), in addition to a promoted twitter campaign, over an 8 week period – that connects us to small businesses.

  • In the days following the release of the CWR's Interim Report, the Working Together group will conduct proactive media relations and solicitation of interest among broadcast media, as well as attempted placement of an op-ed in a tier one publication.

  • In late April, we will host a half-day forum that will bring together employers, labour law experts, political staff, Ontario Public Service officials, and other key stakeholders. The Forum will provide employers with a deeper understanding of the CWR Interim Report, and will act as an opportunity to generate attention for the Working Together group and its response to the CRW's Interim Report.

  • In early May, we will host the Hon. Kevin Flynn, Ontario's Minister of Labour, at its Annual General Meeting in Oakville, Ontario. The Working Together group will facilitate a discussion between the Minister and attending businesses.

  • In late May, the group will produce a substantial response to the Changing Workplaces' Review interim report, complete with media strategy.

  • Throughout the duration of the two month period, we will undertake a media strategy that will cement the Working Together group as the lead voice of the employer community as it relates to the CWR. On behalf of the group, we will:

  • Identify relevant journalists and keep them informed re: group's perspective and activities;

  • Provide embargoed copies of our submissions to relevant journalists;

  • Work with chambers of commerce across the province to garner cross-province media attention.

In late 2015, the Special Advisors to the CWR wrapped up their first consultation period, where they received hundreds of submissions and heard from employees, employers, labour groups, and academics. The Special Advisors are scheduled to release an Interim Report, summarizing the feedback they heard during the recommendations, sometime in April 2016.

ACSESS advocacy efforts will run parallel to Coalition efforts in this file. We will release an independent submission and will provide ongoing guidance and recommendations to members.

We encourage all Ontario members to support our efforts in this key priority file and as always encourage you to share your feedback, recommendations moving forward.


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