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Bright HR

BrightHR is an award-winning HR software and support service for over 5000 Canadian businesses. Our simple people management software is a quick and easy solution for approving staff vacations, logging sickness, planning schedules, storing confidential documents, plus much more. In addition to software, BrightHR also offers BrightAdvise and BrightBase. BrightAdvise helps business owners save precious money and time by providing in-house HR and Health & Safety advice from 9–5, Monday to Friday.  BrightBase offer an extensive library of downloadable and customizable HR documentation, contracts, handbooks, templates, plus much more. Customers also get access to numerous e-learning courses to help nurture employee development and keep your business up to code. BrightHR also comes with two free mobile apps, Blip and PoP, to make life easier for business owners. Blip lets employees clock in and out of work whether they’re at home, in the office or on-site so managers can manage staff on the go. PoP is an expense tracker app that employees can use to log expenses which managers can approve or decline with a swipe. Join thousands of other businesses that use BrightHR for all their HR and Health & Safety needs. For any questions or to schedule a free tailored demo with no obligation, visit our website or call 1-888-220-4924.

TYPE OF SERVICE / PRODUCT OFFERED: HR + Health & Safety Software, In-House HR Advice, HR Documentation Templates, Time Tracking, Scheduling, E-learning Courses
REGIONS COVERED:  Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand