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Triton Canada Inc., an Ontario based company, has been engaged in the provision of pre-employment screening services since 2010. We provide services to the public and private sectors in Canada, and internationally. We pride ourselves as being one of the leading companies for pre-employment screening in Canada. 

Triton has extensive experience in all areas of pre-employment screening services which provides us with a comprehensive understanding of the needs of each individual client.

The management team at Triton has over fifty years of experience in executive management roles working for the world's largest retailers and suppliers, including but not limited to WAL-MART, General Electric, and Coca-Cola. We have experience in all major Canadian cities and markets. Our roles focused strongly on operations, human resources and loss prevention and as a result of this we are able to understand the needs of our current and future clients. 

Triton prides itself on its industry leading turnaround times that have been achieved as a result of heavy investment in technology coupled with rigorous business process reengineering. For example criminal background checks are completed and returned to the client in 20 minutes on average!

Processes for completing checks have been extensively process mapped, all steps that are not required have been eliminated and technology applied to the balance leaving a point-and-click system in place that drives efficiencies and speed.

Triton continues to earn public respect and trust by always achieving perfection and goes over and above our clients' expectations by providing quality service that's on time and within budget. We are committed to public safety and knowledge through empowerment and will continue to do so in the future.