Past Presidents (1998-2024)

ACSESS recongizes and thanks all Past National Presidents for their leadership in guiding the organization's culture, strategic focus and service to ACSESS members, as well as the important role they played in promoting the staffing industry across Canada.

1998-1999        Gil Rosen
1999-2001        Chantal Haas, CPC                                    
2001-2002        Bruce McAlpine, CPC                
2002-2003        Steve Jones, CPC                        
2003-2004        Yvan Michon, CPC                      
2004-2005        Kevin Dee, CPC                           
2005-2006        Paul Christie, CPC                      
2006-2007        Hilary King                                    
2007-2008        Chris Roach, CPC                        
2008-2009        Steve Jones, CPC                        
2009-2010        Bernie Vogel                                
2010-2011        Steve Jones, CPC                        
2011-2013        Bryan Toffey, CPC                      
2013-2016        Neil Smith, CPC                           
2016-2017        Nadia Ciani                                  
2017-2018        Bruce McAlpine, CPC                
2018-2019        Michel Blaquiere                       
2019-2020        Chris Roach, CPC         
2021-2022        Ted  Maksimowski 
2023-2024        Rita Sposato