ACSESS E-Broadcast - $600/month for 4

ACSESS regularly circulates eblasts to more than 1600 professionals in the staffing industry - with some messages targeting specific industry sub-sectors and geographical regions. Advertising opportunities are available and include a link to the advertiser’s website, you will receive 4 eblasts monthly; 1 a week for a month. The dimension of a banner ad for an e-mail broadcast are 618 pixels wide x 80 pixels high. The banner ad can be supplied in JPEG format, GIF format, or animated GIF format. Flash is not accepted for e-mail broadcasts.

ACSESS Webinars - $500

ACSESS hosts webinars on topical subjects throughout the year. Affiliates and partners have the  opportunity to host a webinar up to 1 hour in length on an industry topic of their choice, to be approved by the education committee. This also includes recognition on eblast promotions and social media platforms as well as logo representation on the webinar on-screen presentation and the affiliates contact information on the final webinar slide. *banners link directly to affiliate website

ACSESS Website Advertising – Banner Ads - starting at $250/month-$400/month

With an average of 15,035 visitors per month, is an excellent vehicle for reaching staffing industry professionals.  The affiliate or partner will choose which page on the ACSESS website they would like to place their banner for $200/month.  The homepage is a premium placement at a cost of $400/month with a maximum of 3 available spaces.  Discount given for 1 year commitment. *banners link directly to affiliate website.

For Ad Specifications, click here.

Sponsored Events $1,000 minimum

Promote your product or service to all levels of staffing industry professionals at ACSESS events and on the ACSESS website.  This also includes recognition on eblast promotions and social media platforms as well as a complimentary admittance to the event with the opportunity to network with industry decision makers, hand out any material on your business and a 3 minute spot to address the attendees at the event in person.  The price is based on type of event and attendance. *banners link directly to affiliate website

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