How to Select and Apply to a Staffing Company

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take a step in the right direction by using a staffing agency in your job search. Now you might be wondering… “How do I find, apply to and choose a staffing agency that’s right for me?” Read on to learn more on why using a staffing company is an excellent career move, and some tips and tricks on finding the right one for you!

“Where Do I Start?”

First and foremost, you will want to ensure the agencies you apply to are reputable. One way to be certain is to deal strictly with ACSESS members.

ACSESS’ mission is to promote the advancement and growth of the employment, recruitment and staffing services industry in Canada, and serves as Canada’s only national advocate for ensuring professional ethics and standards in this industry. With more than 1,300 member offices from Vancouver, B.C. to St. John’s, Newfoundland, ACSESS members represent 85% of the total volume of business in the staffing services industry in Canada. All member companies pledge annually to uphold the Association’s Code of Ethics and Standards which promotes ethical treatment of employees and clients, and strict adherence to all applicable human rights, employment laws and regulations.

Job seekers are encouraged to choose ACSESS member companies to ensure that your rights as a candidate are protected. By using ACSESS member companies, you will be comforted in knowing that you are dealing with a solid and highly regarded agency.

To find ACSESS member companies in your area, click here.

“How Do I Choose?”

Think of choosing a staffing agency as a partnership. Employment firms want to find hard-working and talented employees. As a candidate, you will want to find an agency that suits your wants and needs. Here are a few things to consider.

1. Back to Basics
It’s important to start from the beginning and focus on exactly what you’re looking for in a job. Do you want to work part-time or full-time? Are you looking for temporary, flexible assignments or a permanent position? Sort out all details and expectations beforehand; everything from hours and location, to salary and working environment.  

Write out a list of all your skills, talents, knowledge, education and past experience. Think of the type of work you want and don’t want. Again, this will help you focus on finding the right firm for you.

2. Build a Great Resume, Sell Yourself! 
A resume is a key tool in the job search process. Staffing firms receive many applications each day so it helps to have a well developed resume that will stand out from the others. If you’re really stuck and need help writing a quality resume, many agencies will give you a hand at no cost.

A resume will either open or close doors, so make certain that it’s unique and up-to-date, and highlight your finest skills, education and experience. A good recruiter will be able to sell you, but first you must be able to sell yourself!

3. Do Your Homework
Once you’ve figured out what you’re looking for and have a polished resume in hand, start to do some research and make a list of the different firms that interest you. Look for ones that align with your professional goals and what you would like to do. Visit each company’s website and determine which ones are a good fit. Most companies will give you the option to apply online or to send your resume via e-mail.

4. Meet and Greet
Once you have applied to several different firms, you will most likely start getting calls to come in and meet a recruiter within a few days. Prepare for each meeting like you would for an interview. Know your resume inside and out, dress appropriately, be friendly and assertive. Also, be upfront with what you want. Let the recruiter know what type of work you are looking for, what hours you are hoping to get, and so on.

Last but not least, pay close attention to how you are treated at each agency. If you are treated poorly, or unable to establish a good relationship with the recruiter from the get-go, you might want to consider a different agency. A poor rapport with your firm could potentially hurt your performance with a client down the road.

5. Be Patient, Yet Persistent
It is important to keep in close contact with each agency to find out what is happening. Follow-up with each company to let them know you are still interested. If you feel that the company is not doing their part in finding potential positions, then look elsewhere! There are likely several agencies in your area so if one doesn’t pan out, don’t get discouraged. Move on to the next and keep trying. You are bound to find one that will be able to find the right job for you!