Top 5 Reasons for Using a Staffing Agency

Why staffing? Well, there are several reasons one should seek out the services of a staffing agency. If you are looking for permanent or temporary work, staffing companies are a great source for finding the right job for you!

Whether you are a recent graduate taking your first step into the world of work, an experienced professional wanting a change, a retiree looking to keep busy or a stay-at-home mom inching your way back into the workforce, staffing agencies place different types of people in different situations everyday; They can help place you into a position that suits your needs.

Types of Placements

There are three main types of job placements staffing companies can provide:

Temporary or Contract: You work for a staffing firm, and work in the environment of their client’s business for a period of time.

Temporary-to-Permanent: You work for a staffing firm for a period of time on a trial basis, and are placed in positions. This placement occurs so that you and the staffing company can determine which position is the best fit. Once this fit has been established, you become an employee of the staffing firm’s client.

Direct Hire or Permanent Placement: This scenario occurs when you are recruited by the staffing firm and then hired by its client.

An executive search firm works with professionals and others in specific fields and matches them with companies who require specific skills to fill a job role.

Here are five reasons why using a staffing firm might be the right choice for you:

1. The Job Experts
Staffing companies find work for hundreds of thousands of people each year. They are the experts at recruiting and placing employees into temporary, contract or permanent positions in companies of all sizes and in every industry. No matter what your past experience and background entails, there is a job for you and staffing firms are there to help you find it.

2. Opportunity… and Flexibility!
Staffing agencies place job opportunities at your fingertips, and offer flexibility. Be empowered by taking control into your own hands; you have the ability to choose the assignments you want, and turn down those you don’t want. Work when and where you desire, part-time or full-time, short-term or long-term… The options are endless.

3. Free Services
You know how they say “nothing comes free in life?” This isn’t the case with employment agencies. Their services are 100% free! In fact, it is against ACSESS’ Code of Ethics for members to charge applicants for their services. ACSESS supports efforts to abolish fee charging by non-member companies and has taken a lead role in conveying these positions to government.

Employment agencies no longer simply match the right candidate with the right job. They now offer a surplus of free job-related assistance such as resume and interview tips, and many will even provide necessary job training and security clearances. These services can help build your resume and experience, in turn making you a more employable candidate.

4. Bridge to Permanent Work
If your goal is landing permanent work, going through an employment agency is the right choice. More than half of temporary and contract workers are able to move on to full-time employment. Temporary work can be quite rewarding and have additional long-term benefits. In many cases, it is a great way to gain experience and get your foot in the door. It’s also a great way to get a job fast and can be very fulfilling. Who knows… taking a temporary gig may even help you land your dream job!

5. Competitive Wages & Paid Holidays
Staffing agencies offer great wages and benefits, and in many cases have policies that exceed minimum employment standards. Though this may vary depending on location and experience, agencies make sure they stay competitive in this area in order to draw the best talent.