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JOB SEEKERS: Staffing Facts & FAQS For Job Seekers What is the difference between a recruiting firm, staffing firm and an executive search firm?

There are three main types of placements staffing companies can provide:

Temporary or Contract: You work for a staffing firm, and work in the environment of their client’s business for a period of time.

Temporary-to-Permanent: You work for a staffing firm for a period of time on a trial basis, and are placed in positions. This placement occurs so that you and the staffing company can determine which position is the best fit. Once this fit has been established, you become an employee of the staffing firm’s client.

Direct Hire or Permanent Placement: This scenario occurs when you are recruited by the staffing firm and then hired by its client.

An executive search firm works with professionals and others in specific fields and matches them with companies who require specific skills to fill a job role.

How can I be sure the company I’m giving my resume and personal information to is legit?

It is important that you choose to work with reputable companies who can provide the most service to you. Choosing an ACSESS member company is the best approach with respect to reputability. All of our 1000+ member offices across Canada pledge to abide by the ACSESS Code of Ethics. If the jobseeker chooses to utilize a non-member company, checking with the Better Business Bureau and other associations is recommended.

What if I’m injured on the job or get sick, if I’m a temporary employee?

Temporary employees receive all the same benefits and entitlements as their full-time counterparts. Temporary employees are eligible for WSIB insurance benefits.

What employee rights do I have as a temporary employee?

Temporary employees benefit from full protection under provincial employment legislation, human rights and etc.

Will a recruiting firm or staffing firm charge me, the jobseeker?

It is against the Code of Ethics for an ACSESS member staffing and recruiting companies to charge the jobseeker. ACSESS supports efforts to abolish fee charging by non-member companies.

The employer I went to, as a temporary employee didn’t like my work. What happens now?

Sometimes it may be more challenging to find the perfect fit, and the staffing company will work with the jobseeker until he or she is satisfied with the acquired position. In these cases, it is important to keep the lines of communication open with the staffing company.

Do I have to be available 24/7 to be considered by a staffing or recruiting agency?

No. Many employees choose to work for staffing companies because of the flexibility of working when it is convenient. Others may stipulate they are available to work within certain hours, and some individuals make themselves available- day or night. It is a matter of personal preference.

I am looking for an executive position and would like to be considered by executive search firms. How do I do this? How do I know which firm is best, or which firm will get me the right opportunities?

When looking for a career as a professional or executive, there are many companies who can provide assistance in placement. is an excellent resource to bookmark, as well as checking on the company websites. A lot of companies will showcase their exclusive relationships. The jobseeker can contact the firm and discuss needs and determine whether the relationship would be the best fit.

Will an executive search firm consider me for more than one job?

The executive search firm will work with each jobseeker in a subjective manner. If the jobseeker asks to be considered for numerous types of jobs, the firm will usually oblige, or, the jobseeker can ask to be considered only for a particular type of position- the choice is up to the jobseeker.

The executive firm I’m working with sent me for interviews but the employer selected another candidate. Will the search firm consider me for anything else or do I need to find another agency?

The executive search firm will continue to work with you until you ask them to cease their search. It is always important to keep the lines of communication open.

I’ve had my resume with a recruiting company for weeks and haven’t heard anything. Is this normal? What should I do?

It is important to contact the company to find out what is happening. It is important to follow up the company to let them know you are still interested. If the jobseeker feels that the company is not doing their part in finding potential positions, the jobseeker may look elsewhere.