Repositioning and Rebranding Our Industry

This paper was pubilshed by the CIETT Branding and Positioning Task Force.

To download your copy of the May 27, 2015 Report, click here.

What is to be gained from a new positioning?

To achieve clear, aspirational and globally consistent positioning for our industry

  • Which segment of the HR market do we represent?
  • What is our story to the external world?
  • Which territory are we legitimate to represent?
  • What do we deliver to society in general and the labour market in particular?
  • Which words should we use to describe the services we deliver?

What should the new positioning achieve?

  • To better cover the scope of HR services that Ciett members represent
  • To position the industry in an aspirational way that reflects the new world of work
  • To build wider authority and impact in influencing the regulatory operating environments
  • To take ownership of the « future of work » topic

What are the benefits for Ciett members?

  • To build industry reputation and position as critical part of healthy labour market
  • To be part of globally aligned industry with consistent, positive and impactful messages
  • To strengthen ability to influence national policymakers and stakeholders
  • To create new momentum in terms of PR & Communications
  • To define and use common language to describe the industry

To download your copy of the May 27, 2015 Report, click here.