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ACSESS - Statistics Canada report on the industry 2013

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Please click on link below to view the 2013 Statistics Canada report on the industry released earlier today.

Operating revenue for the employment services industry totalled $12.5 billion in 2013. Operating expenses amounted to $12.0 billion, resulting in an operating profit margin of 3.7%.

The employment services industry consists of establishments primarily engaged in the permanent placement, executive search, contract staffing, temporary staffing and co-employment staffing services.

Salaries, wages and benefits represented the largest expense item for the industry, accounting for 64.4% of total operating expenses, followed by subcontract expenses at 23.2%.

Most of the industry's operating revenue was generated in Ontario (51.1%), followed by Alberta (25.4%) and Quebec (12.0%).

The business sector is the primary client of the employment services industry, accounting for 86.7% of sales in 2013, while government and public institutions accounted for 10.6%.

Employment services, 2013 - Released: 2015-09-17

Report on the 2013 Survey of Employment Services - ENGLISH (PDF Format)

Report on the 2013 Survey of Employment Services - FRANÇAIS (PDF Format)

The Benefits of Flexible Labour
  • The advantages of temporary work are recognized by workers, businesses, 
    economists and policymakers. It affords flexibility, training, supplemental income - and a bridge to permanent employment for those who are out of work or changing jobs.
  • The growing number of temporary employees are highly paid and highly skilled technical, computer and health care workers who choose temporary and contract work as a preferred employment option because of the flexibility, independence, and in some cases, higher pay.
  • Staffing firms supply employees in every industry in every job category, from unskilled industrial labour, assembly and production work, office and clerical support, to technical, scientific, professional and managerial positions. 
  • Staffing firms provide a wide range of human resource services such as recruiting, skills assessment, skills training and upgrading, risk management, and payroll and benefits administration – allowing customers to concentrate on their core businesses.

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