Legislative Landscape

Hours of work and overtime legislation in Canada

Jurisdiction Standard hours Maximum hours
Federal 8/day, 40/week 48/week
Alberta 8/day, 44/week 12 consecutive
British Columbia 8/day, 40/week N/A
Manitoba 8/day, 40/week N/A
New Brunswick 44/week N/A
Newfoundland and Labrador 40/week 14/day
NWT and Nunavut 8/day, 40/week 10/day, 60/week
Nova Scotia 48/week N/A
Ontario 44/week 8/day*, 48/week
P.E.I. 48/week N/A
Quebec 40/week N/A
Saskatchewan 8/day, 40/week 44/week
Yukon 8/day, 40/week N/A

*Or employee's regular work day if more than eight hours.

Note: Some exceptions apply to federal Labour Code and provincial employment standards.

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