Recruiting Tips

The following five factors are necessary to make a binding legal contract:
  1. Offer and acceptance ­ one party makes an offer, the other party must accept.
  2. It can be a verbal offer and acceptance unless statutes covering offer state otherwise.
  3. The object must be of a legal nature.
  4. There must be stated remuneration for value of services received.
  5. Parties must be legally able to make or agree to the contract.
When taking an order or personnel requisition from an employer client, a personnel consultant should obtain the following information:
  1. full company name, address, telephone number
  2. full name and title of contact person
  3. confirmed authorization to pay a fee for our services ­ once successfully completed
  4. detailed job description including current responsibilities, future expectations of client on employee's progress, performance
  5. skills required to perform work
  6. competitive and equitable salary range & benefits package
  7. previous success patterns ­ i.e. related experience known to employer ­ industry knowledge ­ temp, permanent, etc.
  8. confirm sincere need NOW ­ actual opening
  9. determine client's availability for interviews
  10. determine hiring procedures ­ how many interviews
  11. acceptable working environment, location
  12. reputable firm ­ determine if it is a workable order
The following points are provided to assist in the collection of required and legal information during applicant interviews:
  1. full name, address, home telephone number
  2. present employer and number if applicable
  3. current salary and benefit package
  4. 3 main responsibilities of current job
  5. why are they thinking of making a change
  6. what attempts have they made to date ­ other agencies, ads, resumes to companies on own
  7. availability ­ cooperative in arranging interviews
  8. are they serious ­ or impulsive in the application with you ­ have they logically arrived at the decision that it is time to move