The List of Current Certified Personnel Consultants (CPC)

The below list are professional staffing professionals who are in good standing as holders of the CPC – Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) designation. These members have satisfied experience requirements and successfully completed criteria based on 5 core modules and a national challenge examination.
How to get on The CPC List: To be on The List of Current Certified Personnel Consultant’s (CPC), click here to learn all the requirements to hold the CPC designation.



Neil Angus, Third Party Labour Leasing Inc.

Sarah Angus, Angus One Professional Recruitment Ltd.

Kiera Bauer, Eagle Professional Resources

Isabelle Beaucage, Bedard Ressources Inc

Stéphane Bédard, Bedard Ressources Inc

Carole Bédard, Bedard Ressources Inc

Loree Benett, Ian Martin Limited

Audrey Berendsen, Bedard Ressources Inc

Frank Bertucci, Thomson Tremblay Inc.

Joe Bertucci, Thomson Tremblay Inc.

Jessica Berube, Gestion 10-04 Inc

Ashwini Bettahalsoor, Eagle Professional Resources

Azhar Bitar, Bedard Ressources Inc

Michel Blaquière, Drakkar

Jennifer Bleau, Express Employment Professionals

Julie-Anne Bolduc, Excel Personnel

Janice Borsholt, Angus One Professional Recruitment Ltd.

Caroline Boulé, Inostaf Solutions

Jeffrey Bowen, BOWEN Workforce Solutions

Shannon Bowen-Smed, BOWEN Workforce Solutions

Craig Brown, Talentcor Recruitment Specialist

Cora Bucci, Synergie Hunt International

Marina Butler, Employment Professionals Canada

Ramon Calanza, Bedard Resources

Vern Casey, Casey & Associates

Angela Chambers, Mercer Bradley

Pierre Chaput, Extra Multi-Ressources

Jennifer Chase, Adecco Employment Services Limited

Kimberley Chesney, Prime Management Group Inc.

Josée Chiasson, Synergie Hunt International

Grace Choueiry, Adecco Employment Services Limited

Paul Christie, Global Teamlink Inc.

Christine Chung, Talencity Inc.

Linda Collier, Advantage Personnel Ltd.

Peter Cook, Staffclick Personnel Inc

Frank Cortina, Thomson Tremblay Inc.

Sandra D'Allaire, Agence de Placement Carrière plus Inc.

Sylvain Daigle, Gestion de Personnel 10-04 Inc

Jennika Dana, Workforce Inc.

Linda Dancey, Grand River Personnel Limited

Sylvain David, Télé-Ressources Ltée (Les services de placement)

Curtis Debogorski, Express Employment Professionals

Kevin Dee, Eagle Professional Resources Inc.

Geneviève Depairon, CPC, Bedard Ressources Inc.

Julie Deschênes, Agence de Placement Carrière plus Inc.

Lisa Dickson, ExcelHR


Nathalie Ducharme, Bedard Ressources Inc

Richard Dufour, Global Ressources Humaines

Marc-André Durocher, Bedard Ressources Inc

Luisa Elejalde, ExcelHR

Genevieve Ferlatte, Adecco Employment Services Limited

Sara Ferriss, Advantage Personnel Ltd

Julie Ferron, Bedard Ressources Inc

Tamara Fontana, SearchTree Recruitment

Niki Foulidis, Aerotek ULC

Karen M. Fraser, Angus One Professional Recruitment Ltd.

Naiera Fulgado, Avery Human Resources

Michel Gagnon, Manucam Ressources Humaines Inc

Ariane Gagnon, Unique Ressources Humaines

Sean Gallagher, Cadre



Daniel Glenn, Eagle Professional Resources Inc

Dotsie Gordon, Dot Personnel Services (Ja) Ltd.

Bruce Hein, Express Employment Professionals

Mathieu Hudon, Bedard Ressources Inc

Stephanie Huffman, Third Party Labour Leasing Inc.

Arno Ilic, IMC Ilic Management Consultants

Heather Irwin, Workforce

William Itovitch, Les Services de Gestion Quantum Limitee

Tania Jallet, Les Services de Gestion Quantum Limitee

Mandy Jenkins, Thomson Tremblay

Eric Joanisse, C.L.A. Personnel

Karolyne Jobin, Excel Personnel Inc.

Chantal Jobin, Synergie Hunt International

Alan Juselius, Bedard Resources

Anna Kalinichenko, Eagle Professional Resources

Vicky Kao, Angus One

Maria Ketslak, Aerotek ULC

Barry Kuzminski, Express Employment Professionals

Sophie L'Abbe-Deslauriers, Adecco Employment Services Limited

Sarah Lalee, Avery Human Resources

Cindy LaPlante, Unique Ressources Humaines

Claudine Lapointe, Synergie Hunt International

Payal Lavingia, Eagle Professional Resources Inc.

Donald LeBlanc, The Placement Office

Myriam Leblanc, Bedard Ressources Inc

Daniel Leclerc, Gestion de Personnel 10-04 Inc

Trista Lin, Eagle Professional Resources Inc

Rhona Long, Synergie Hunt International

Ovidiu Lungu, Bedard Ressources Inc

Joel MacDonald, Cadre

Bruce McAlpine, Fulcrum Search Science Inc.

Ryan McCallen, Pure Staffing Solutions Inc.

Jessica McCarthy, Advantage Personnel Ltd.

Jay McKillop, Prime Management Group Inc.

Emily McNamara, McNeil Nakamoto Recruitment Gr

Cheryl Miller, ITS Staffing Solutions Inc.

Mathew Morville, Kelly Services (Canada), Ltd.

Renuka Muzumdar, Topnotchemployment

Michel Nadeau, Bedard Ressources Inc

Cheryl Nakamoto, McNeill Nakamoto Recruitment Group

Veronique Nardi, Thomson Tremblay Inc.

Crystal Nicol, Eagle Professional Resources Inc.


Kathy Pak, Eagle Professional Resources Inc.

Jim Park, Workforce

Kandace Paterson, Workforce Inc.

Ariane Pelletier, Unique Personnel Canada Inc.

Cynthia Pellicciotti, Synergie Hunt International

Chris Perkins, Grand River Personnel Limited

Lise Perreault, Synergie Hunt International

Asiia Plucinski, Eagle Professional Resources

Catherine Poirier, Excel Personnel Inc.

David Pourreaux, Synergie Hunt International

Lou Primas, L'Agence Services Santé

Stephanie Rainville, Summum Ressources Humaines

Andre Rene, Workforce Inc

Christian Rioux, Bedard Ressources Inc

Brianne Risley, Eagle Professional Resources Inc.

Sandy Roberts, Workforce Inc.

Torie Rogers, McNeill Nakamoto Recruitment Group

Suzanne Ross, Les Services Professionnels Suzanne Ross Inc.

Connie Roy, Les Services de Gestion Quantum Limitee

Ginette Rupp, Synergie Hunt International

Alana Savage, McNeill Nakamoto Recruitment Group

Sandra Sears, StaffWorks Ltd.

Luke Sebben, Advantage Personnel Ltd.

Stewart Sebben, Advantage Personnel

Jonathon Sebben, Advantage Personnel Ltd.

Brad Semotiuk, Pure Staffing Solutions Inc.

Sylvie Sirois, Excel Personnel Inc.

Maryna Skobal, AltisITR

Danièle St-Cyr, Synergie Hunt International

Trevor Stewart, Stoakley-Stewart Consultants Ltd.

Sherri Strong, Agilus Work Solutions

Macda Tardieu, Bedard Resources

Fiona Terry, Quantum Management Services Ltd

Lonni Thorn, Adecco Employment Services Limited

Maya Tolinski, Workforce

Jennifer Tomlinson-Miller, Mercer Bradley

Kathryn Tremblay, ExcelHR

Maude Tremblay, Quantum Management Services Ltd

Pascal Trépanier, Unique Personnel Canada Inc.

Marie Trillot, Totem Recruiteur de Talent

Tracey Utronkie, ExcelHR

France Valence, Synergie Hunt International

Christine Vi, Eagle Professional Resources Inc.

Sabrina Vlajic, Thomson Tremblay Inc.

Carole-Anne Wade, Les Services de Gestion Quantum Limitee

Alex Walker, NT Temps Inc.

Karen Watt, Excel Personnel Inc.

David Wells, Advantage Personnel Ltd.

Clare White, Les Services de Gestion Quantum Limitee

Frank A. Wilson, TES - The Employment Solution

David Wilson, TES - The Employment Solution

Katherine Zenetzis, Quantum Management Services Ltd