Staffing Story: Jaswinder -  From Warehouse Worker to Recruiter

Staffing agency Adecco played a key role in Jaswinder's full circle journey, from warehouse worker to forklift operator, and ultimately to discerning recruiter, specialized in filling the high demand for forklift skills.

After coming to Canada as an international student to study HR, Jaswinder Kaur joined Adecco as a part-time associate while completing her courses.

Her onboarding experience left a lasting impression: “I had a really helpful recruiter and as she explained details about the job, I thought, ‘I want to be in her position someday.’”

Over a four-year period, the agency helped Jaswinder enter the Canadian workforce and fostered her success in several warehouse roles, including male-dominated ones like forklift operator. 

As quick learner with a ‘can do’ attitude, Jaswinder embraced the opportunity to acquire forklift operation skills, even though it was heavy work. “It was cool because everybody was so encouraging and inclusive,” she says. 

However, Jaswinder unfortunately injured her low back, despite following safety protocols, and had to give up her forklift role.

While on medical leave, she mentioned her brief internship experience in customer service and offered the agency administrative support. In response, Adecco assigned her modified duties managing the agency’s main phone line, while she recovered. 

Being onsite sparked her curiosity in day-to-day recruiting operations. Noting this interest, Jaswinder’s manager encouraged her to pursue a recruiter role. 

Through job shadowing and onsite training from a recruiter colleague, Jaswinder learned how to search and pre-screen candidates, as well as onboard those selected. “My colleague showed me how to help associates feel more comfortable with onboarding technology and not get discouraged as they go through the process,” Jaswinder explained. 

Jaswinder cites strategic thinking and adaptability among her key strengths. “When team members get stuck, I often help them find the best keyword and shift between different tactics to effectively fill the position on time,” she says. “I also recently made some changes to our pre-screening interview template to help identify the most ideal candidates.” 

As most recruiters don’t have warehouse experience, Jaswinder shares her firsthand insights with team members. She explains: “I can highlight key points they may not be aware of and tell if a candidate isn’t telling the truth.” 

Jaswinder thinks the best part of recruiting is “helping people find their career opportunity, especially in tough times.”

A permanent resident since 2020, she was promoted to senior recruiter with a specialization in forklift roles, earlier this year.

Looking ahead, Jaswinder is working with her manager to grow her problem-solving and leadership skills. These skills will help her deal directly with clients and progress toward her next goal of attaining an onsite coordinator or supervisor role.