Getting to Know…Sheila Musgrove, Founder & CEO, TAG Recruitment Group. Author of “Hired!” & “Unexpected Mentors.”

How did you get your start in our industry?

I launched my career in staffing with a global firm. I began as a branch manager, before being promoted a few times – to provincial manager, western regional manager and then to the executive team to lead corporate sales for Canada. Soon after leaving, I launched TAG Recruitment in Calgary (from a really ugly business centre with blue carpet and pink chairs) with no clients and zero candidates. Fourteen years later, I haven’t looked back.

Name a business book that changed your life and why?

Seth Godin’s: “Purple Cow.” His writing fueled the creative side of branding and marketing my company. In this book, he shares his thoughts about seeing field after field of brown cows and poses this question: “Wouldn’t it be remarkable if there was just one purple cow.” He defines the word remarkable as being “worthy of remarking about.” I use that phrase as a litmus test in all my marketing. I had the pleasure of meeting Seth several years ago. I took a chance, showed him my business card and asked, “What do you think?” After a moment he said: “This is the second-best business card I’ve ever seen.” From the world’s best marketer, I’ll take second. Yes, that’s a hole in the bottom circle. People touch it. They stick their pens in it and whirl the card. They remember it. (And, because of the hole, we tend to win more business card draws. GRIN.)

I’ve also discussed how books can be HUGE career mentors in my upcoming book: “Unexpected Mentors. Weird & Creative Ideas To Boost Your Career.” (It will be released on Amazon at the end of April.)

What are your known for?

I’m best known as the gal with the “crazy sticky uppy hair”. GRIN. 

Kidding aside, I’m probably best known for being creative. My creativity finds its way into virtually every part of my business. Finding candidates. Repackaging candidates. Coaching to help candidates excel in interviews. Speaking, and of course, creative writing.

After publishing, I’ve evolved into being a keynote speaker addressing colleges, universities, chambers of commerce, economic development and career educators. I love being on stage and presenting as an expert on resume writing and interviewing. And not being dull. I love seeing the audience on the edge of their seats. I started writing a blog three years ago and include all sorts of crazy “life” stories. I write about my Mom-Betty, my BFF James Bond, my cat Phoebe and simple, silly life stories. I’ve written about blowing the ass out of my dress while en route to a very chi-chi party this summer. I tied this dress debacle into “pressing the limits on staffing.” It worked. HA. This story still makes me laugh!

What do you love about our industry or what makes you most proud of it?

We get to help people to get into jobs they might not have otherwise. Whether it be a forklift operator, who has been down on his luck and not able to secure permanent employment, who’s then offered a permanent role after proving his work. Or, coaching and prepping a permanent candidate who is terrified of interviewing to deliver the interview of their life! I just had a candidate share he was more confident than ever walking into the interview. He secured a temporary finance role. His feedback: “This role more than made my day. It made my year!”

What is your proudest career moment?

When my first book, “Hired! How To Get The Zippy Gig. Insider Secrets From A Top Recruiter”, hit the Amazon best-seller lists in both Canada and the USA. I was in complete shock. Writing and publishing a book was a goal since I was a kid in single digits and could read. Publishing was an all-time career highlight and becoming an International best-selling author is my proudest career moment. 

What’s your best advice to those entering the staffing/recruiting profession today?

Hone strong communication skills, an excellent memory, positive attitude, exceptional problem solving abilities, acting quickly, strong technical skills and creativity. Our product is people and people can do some unexpected things. Add to that, resilience and humour to observe and quickly move on.

If you were unexpectedly given three months off, what would you do?

I’d head to the ocean to write another book or two. Oh, and I’d run a lot as well!  I live at such a high altitude, running at sea level makes me feel like I could run a marathon.