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ACSESS Wisdom Wednesday Webinar Series 2021

ACSESS Wisdom Wednesday Webinar Series 2021

This series is designed to teach you how to manage stress, increase productivity and thrive in this ever changing environment. Register today to secure your spot.

Date: March 31, 2021
Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm (EST)
Cost: Members: $25 (+tax) & Non-Members: $45 (+tax)
Presenter: Sheila Musgrove, TAG Recruitment


“Unexpected Mentors.”   Sheila will take the idea of a traditional mentor/mentee relationship and turn it upside down and give it a shake.  She’ll share some weird & creative ideas on where you can find your own career inspiration outside of seeking a traditional mentor.  Chances are you’ve overlooked, undervalued or never thought of these unexpected mentors as career boosters.  This keynote has been dubbed “a virtual kick in the pants”!  You’ll leave this webinar with a pile of ideas on how you can be bold in the asks in your career.  She’s going to poke fun at the “pick your brain coffee meeting” and make your head spin with ideas on how to get a mini-mentor session.  Yes, she’ll talk about making big mistakes and needing a kick in the pants and how career disappointments can get you pointed in the right direction.  And, yes, she’ll share why there’s a big yellow duck on the cover of her book. It will be a career nugget you won’t forget!

About the Presenter:

Sheila is the owner of Calgary based TAG Recruitment Group Inc. and a proud member of ACSESS, serving on both the national board as well as the Calgary chapter.  Her first book, “Hired!  How To Get The Zippy Gig. Insider Secrets From A Top Recruiter.”, hit the Amazon best-seller lists within 24 hours of going live.  Nearing 5 years later, it’s still a top ranked book on Amazon.  Her second book, “Unexpected Mentors.  Weird & Creative Ideas To Boost Your Career.”, was published in the spring of 2019.  Since publishing she’s delivered the “Hired!” keynote to well over 5000 job seekers throughout Canada and the USA.  She just delivered the Unexpected Mentors keynote in November for Shell Canada and the Economic Development Association of Alberta annual conference.

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