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ACSESS Presents an Important Webinar: The New Normal: The Future of Work in Recruiting

The New Normal: The Future of Work in Recruiting

Date: May 5th, 2020
Time:  3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT
Cost:  FREE • we encourage you to share this notice with others on your team
Presenters: Tricia Tamkin and Jason Thibeault; Moore eSSentials

As we face the challenges of today’s crisis situation with lockdowns and  social distancing, we can also use this as an opportunity to prepare ourselves and our companies for the future.

Chances are you’re working from home, perhaps leading your company remotely, and for many this is a new and different experience. Yet, solo practitioners and small firms have been doing it for years for a number of reasons. It can be cost efficient, more productive, and lead to a much more satisfying work life balance. After all, work is an activity, not a location. Of course, the risk of being pulled into unproductive or non-work related tasks is ever present. For many people, including our potential clients and candidates, this may be a first. If you’re not familiar with the best ways to navigate this challenging new reality, Tricia and Jason will light the way.

About the Presenters:

Tricia has started eight successful companies, one of which she has been running since phones had cords. Among the Executive Search community she has been known for years and quoted in multiple magazines, trade journals and by other trainers and career coaches. In the 1990s, when most in the industry still didn’t have a computer on their desk, she started combining Boolean logic and search strings with strong phone techniques and became a very successful recruiter. Her deep experience in business over the last 20 years enables her to see the big picture for virtually anyone’s needs.

Jason started teaching logic in college, due to what he suspects was a prank from his professor. Twenty years later, he still does that. Along the way he’s been a USAF officer, manufacturing plant manager, and now recruits and trains with Moore eSSentials. With his downtime, Jason is working on his second degree Black Belt, is a published horror author, and solves mysteries with his Great Dane!

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