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ACSESS Wisdom Wednesday Webinar Series 2020

Join us the last Wednesday of each month for inspirational and educational keynote presentations. This series is designed to teach you how to manage stress, increase productivity and thrive in this ever changing environment. Register today to secure your spot.
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Webinar Series Line-up:
Presenter Presentation Date Time
MINDmgt Meditation and Mindfulness for Stress Management During Anxious Times September 30th, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT
Tish Conlin Attraction Marketing: Get More Clients Without Endless Cold-Calling October 28th, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT
Todd Hirsch Spiders in Space; Successfully Adapting to Unwanted Change November 25th, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT
Keynote Summaries:

MINDmgtMeditation and Mindfulness for Stress Management During Anxious Times: Particularly during this current stressful and unprecedented period, prioritizing mental wellness is vital for ourselves and those around us. In this webinar, MINDmgt introduces simple, straightforward and scientifically-backed meditation and mindfulness tools to manage stress, and optimize professional and personal performance

Tish ConlinAttraction Marketing: Get More Clients Without Endless Cold-Calling: It’s hard not to get frustrated after spending a day making endless calls without any results. Instead, change your approach, and your mindset, to build a strategy that will bring prospects to you. Is this even possible? Learn how Tish Conlin does it and shares her secret prospecting secrets. In this online training session, you’ll discover how you can apply the attraction-marketing model to grow your business without feeling like you’re always chasing prospects.

Todd Hirsch Spiders in Space; Successfully Adapting to Unwanted Change: In 2011, a little spider named Esmeralda made history. She was one of a pair of golden silk orb-weaver spiders, brought up to the International Space Station by NASA scientists to study how spiders will behave in zero gravity. Like the spiders, Canadians have been thrust into a new economic environment—and not everything in this new environment is pleasant and predictable. Traditional manufacturing has been altered forever by global supply chains and low-cost competitors. Prices for our natural resources have fallen and may not recover soon. In many ways, a lot of the Canadian economy feels like it has lost its gravity. But like Esmeralda, we have to find ways to cope—and even thrive—in an environment that’s changed forever.

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