December 8, 2015 - British Columbia Chapter

Local businesses in Whistler adjust their recruitment methods

When your business is in the heart of a town driven by tourism, it is essential to find skilled labour to provide the best customer service possible. Finding and retaining the people you need is among the biggest challenges of any company: especially in the restoration business. ACSESS member, Kael Campbell president of Red Seal Recruiting Solution, spoke about these challenges with a reporter from Pique Magazine. As a leader in recruitment, Campbell recognises that the wage gap for the industry, and particularly some of the top jobs, is obvious. 

“The main reason it's hard to staff culinary positions is unattractive wages, said Kael Campbell, president of Red Seal Recruiting Solutions.

"Good rates for chefs in Whistler in roles requiring supervision, certification and 4-plus years of experience compare to entry level labour and starting apprenticeship wages for a carpenter," Campbell wrote in an email.

"Why stay or start in the tourism and hospitality industry where getting to the top position, after years of experience, is basically valued as much as the bottom or starting wage for your friends getting into construction?"

Campbell said restaurants need to look at who they recruit and how they retain them, including having a clear training, promotion and retention plan as well as targeting under-employed groups like people with disabilities, who tend to stay in jobs longer.”

To read the entire article published by Braden Dupuis in Pique Magazine, click here.