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Issue 4 - March, 2022

ACSESS 2022 Outlook

As we come to the close of Q1, the outlook for 2022 is promising with SIA among others predicting a good year for resilient and increasingly efficient staffing industry. ACSESS Virtual Conference 2022 has an outstanding lineup of presentations including more industry trends and addressing marketing, recruitment, and business strategies for 2022 and beyond, I hope you and your team will set aside Wednesday, May 11th to participate in this event.

My personal focus continues to be on the ACSESS primary objective to represent our membership before governments. Since our last Government Relations Report, we have been active on several public policy fronts, with new Registry and Licensing requirements being at the forefront during this period. ACSESS has long supported and advocated for meaningful initiatives to ensure that all temporary help agencies comply with their legal obligations, and we are working closely with the Ontario Ministry of Labour and Revenu Quebec in this area. I encourage you to review the full report and welcome member comments on legal and legislative matters in Provinces across Canada.
As Ted did in his December message, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.  I wish you every success and look forward to seeing many of you at live events as we move toward a post-pandemic world. And, lastly, if you haven’t yet renewed your corporate membership for 2022, it’s certainly not too late. For quick renewal, there is a link below, or if you have questions please reach out to either me ( or Jennifer ( 

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Issue 4 - March 2022

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