June 20, 2024 - General News

Why Canadian Companies/Employers Need Only Work with ACSESS Member Firms

What is ACSESS? 

The Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services (ACSESS) or Association Nationale des Entreprises en Recrutement et Placement de Personnel is the national voice of the recruiting, employment and staffing services industry. ACSESS supports the growth and professionalism of this industry and is Canada’s only national advocate for high standards of service and ethical conduct within it.

Why work with an ACSESS Member Firm? 

Like most recruiting and staffing firms, ACSESS members offer flexible solutions and have access to a wide pool of qualified candidates. When you work with any of the more than 400 ACSESS member firms across Canada, you can also expect the following benefits:

1. Adherence to Ethical Standards – ACSESS members pledge annually to uphold its strict Code of Ethics and Standards of professional conduct, which includes ethical treatment of employees and clients, as well as adherence to applicable human rights standards.

2. Professionalism, Quality and Solutions – Through ongoing professional development opportunities and their ACSESS Code of Ethics and Standards commitment, members empower you with quality service, advantageous business partnerships and best practices. These attributes also help them effectively respond to business realities (including changing technologies) and efficiently place top talent that meets your objectives. Many members have also completed the globally recognized Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) program, which signifies a further commitment to professionalism and performance. 

3. Legislative Compliance – ACSESS equips its members with up-to-date information and resources on relevant employment laws, regulations, and best practices. Working with an ACSESS member helps you ensure compliance with current legislation and mitigate
legal risks.

4. Progressive Research, Insights and Broad Expertise – ACSESS members have access to extensive data and resources, including the Canadian Staffing Index, to help them make informed decisions. As part of a larger network of staffing professionals, they also stay up to date with industry trends and market conditions to help streamline your hiring process.

5. Enhanced Workplace Safety – Through health, safety and education programs, ACSESS members commit to keeping your workplace safe and have initiatives in place to support you, your candidates and contractors. Many Ontario members take this commitment a step further through participation in the comprehensive WSIB Health and Safety Excellence program, which has helped reduce the frequency and severity of workplace injuries. This program gives participants a resource-laden roadmap to enhance their health and safety programs. Since 2001, ACSESS has sponsored WSIB’s Safety Group program, which latterly expanded into the current program.

ACSESS members provide qualified candidates to help Canadian businesses thrive.