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Issue 4 - March 2022

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ACSESS 2022 Outlook

As we come to the close of Q1, the outlook for 2022 is promising with SIA among others predicting a good year for resilient and increasingly efficient staffing industry. ACSESS Virtual Conference 2022 has an outstanding lineup of presentations including more industry trends and addressing marketing, recruitment, and business strategies for 2022 and beyond, I hope you and your team will set aside Wednesday, May 11th to participate in this

ACSESS May 11th National Conference

We're excited to announce the full presentation schedule for ACSESS May 11th National Conference.

Government Relations March Report

ACSESS continues to make our industry's views known across a wide range of policy issues. We have represented members on several public policy fronts, including rate reform consultations, employment standards and federal procurement.

January '22 Staffing Index

The Canadian Staffing Index was 91 in January, up 10% versus the prior-year month, which had the same number of working days.

Staffing Industry's Average Weekly Employment Rises to 2.7 Million in '21

Staffing firms south of the border hired a total of 14.1 million temporary and contract employees in 2021, up from the 13.6 million hired in 2020, according to the ASA.

ACSESS Webinar Series: You Can't Clone Yourself - Who, How and Why You Need to Grow a Team

The recruiting market has never been hotter than it is right now. The demand for our services and the candidates only we can access has never been greater.

Become a Certified Staffing Industry Professional

Are you looking to gain the knowledge to ensure your business becomes more successful and sustainable?

WSIB to rebate up to $1.5 billion in surplus funds to Ontario businesses

A surplus that surpasses the WSIB’s needed reserve will allow Ontario businesses to receive rebates in April 2022.

ACSESS Advertising Opportunities

Being Canada's only association for the staffing and recruiting industry, and is the most trusted source of industry information and support, ACSESS delivers the largest audience of staffing professionals.

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Issue 4 - March 2022

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